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developing news tonight. four people injured in the twin peaks area of san francisco after police say a driver ran into the group. jeff bush is live. >> reporter: wean just a little bit about -- we know just a little bit about this incident. to my right is the twin peaks overlook, where you can see san francisco from twin peaks. a driver hit four people, knocking one of them 30 feet down this steep ravine. the fire department had to rescue that person. she went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a suspect was arrested a short time after, not too far away from this situation. four people were in
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that vehicle. we're not sure if drugs or alcohol were involved. but there has been an arrest. four people were hit. two people with nonlife-threatening injuries, two people with life-threatening injuries. more on this story as we get more developments. live in san francisco, kron4 news. major charge s underway in curry village at yosemite national park where the hantavirus outbreak started in the summer. >> 10 people got sick from the hantavirus. three eventually died. park officials decided to demolish some of the tent cabins where it's believed the victims were infected by the disease. park officials began demolishing 91 of the 400 on the ground
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there. during the summer, the park closed nearly 100 of them and sent crews in to sanitize and deep-clean the tents. workers sealed all gaps and tightened the vinyl-coated van vas over the double-plywood walls to keep the dear mice out. but people kept getting sick. that's why the park decided to get rid of the tents. the virus is spread through the air and attacks a person's lungs and causes flu-like symptoms. the rain clouds are rolling in over the bay area, and so are the high winds! this is a view of the golden get bridge. strong winds delayed flights at sfo for a few houring during the evening -- hours during the evening. >> up in the north bay we've
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been seeing the rain kind of stall up there. but it's going to move all the way down south to the overnight hours. ywe are see -- yes, we are seeing rain through the north bay. moderate rain toward novato. largely the rain has stayed up to the north so far this evening. a wider view picture of satellite and radar, we are going to be seeing that storm sitting to the north. the tailend of the system is way offshore right now. very, very slowly tomorrow we'll have moderate morning rain then showers in the evening, and this is just the first in a series of systems to impact the bay area. details on the wet weekend ahead. bay area communities not typically hit with a rash of
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burglaries are experiencing a spike in that crime. concord is one such city. >> reporter: this man has lived in his concord home for 16 years. last tuesday, the first time their home has been burglarized. he and his wife placed that awareness letter in every one of his neighbors' mailboxes, saying someone broke through their window in broad daylight, stealing jewelry inside. he immediately filed a report with the concord police. >> just make sure you lock your windows and doors and be on the alert. and your valuable stuff, keep them in a safe deposit box. >> reporter: the police reported 19 burglaries in the past 10 day, 9 of them at home. officers told him thefts increase during the holiday
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season. his next door neighbor is getting ready to hit the road. >> we're all violated when one is violated. >> reporter: he's taking several security measures before leaving. >> we always make sure that we stop our mail delivery. we make sure that the newspaper is stopped. and we talk to all of our neighbors making sure we let them know that we're going to be leaving and these are the dates. >> you see someone suspicious, you dial 911. a violate violent sex offender has been released and is on the streets of san francisco. simon was serving 24 years for sexually assaulting children. police say it is their responsibility to alert the community. he now lives at a hotel south of market. inspectors visited his new home
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and handed out leaflets to people living in the building. while some were concerned, others say he has paid his debt and deserving a second chance. by law, he is no longer on probation nor parole. but if he does move, he must notify police. tonight, california 's utility regulators have decided to allow pg&e to pass on the pipeline upgrades costs to you. they were ordered to improve the safety of the natural gats line system after -- gas line system after the massive explosion in san bruno which left eight people dead. with the approval of state regulators, customers will pay more than half of the cost of the $2.2 billion upgrade. that translates to about $1 more per month on your
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utility bill. republicans failed to pass their version of a bail known as plan b, which was designed to avert the fiscal cliff. after realizing they did not have the votes, the gop leadership canceled the vote and told members to go home for christmas. john boehner didn't have enough votes to pass the main version of his plan b. it would have extended the bush era tax cuts for millionaires and they would pay a higher tax rate. is there little to no time to try and vote on a plan again after the christmas break. his leadership in the house could be in jeopardy in january. nationwide, thousand s are making plans to honor the victims from the deadly elementary school shooting in connecticut. we'll tell you how you can take part tomorrow. and
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one lawmaker is pushing for a bill to revise the controversial "stand your ground law" in florida. plus, shelter workers offering deals to make sure these furry friends find a good home. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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a lawmaker in florida has filed a fwoil revise that state's controversial -- bill to revise that state's controversial stand your ground law. people found to be the aggressor in altercations will not be able to seek self-defense under the law. and they will be able to investigate suspects who invoke that law under questionable circumstances. tomorrow marks one week since the deadly elementary school shooting in newtown,
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connecticut. some marge websites will -- major websites will go dark for 1 minute as part of a national moment of silence tomorrow. more than 1,000 people and sites have pledged to participate. and on twitter, the hash tag moment for sandy hook is trending. memorials and funerals continue today. there was a funeral for the mother of the gunman, nancy y lanza. big changes coming to the forecast. rain on the way. and a lot of it!
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the silicon valley humane society is offering a big discount from now to the end of the month for anybody looking to adopt a dog or cat this holiday season. jeff shows you some of the animals up for adoption. >> reporter: the fee can be about $200 depending on where you go, but the silicon valley humane society has a special this month. $12, and you can have a new member of the family just in time for the holidays! >> we have adult, young ones,
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short-hair, long-hair, brown, white, fluffy, curly hair. we've got everything! >> reporter: the humane society wants to set you up with a pet for the holidays. they will match your new pet to your lifestyle. >> if you're looking for a couch potato, we've got them. if you're looking for a dog for going out and running and exercises, we have that dog for you. >> reporter: the society is in full push to get 1,200 dogs and cats adopt the by the end -- adopted by the end of the month. and the response has been fantastic. more than 700 animals have found new homes since the promotion started. there are a lot of different dogs and cats to choose from at the shelter including this sleepy puppy named william. he could be the cutest puppy on the planet. and the humane society thinks he would be a great addition to the family this holiday season. >> he and his three brothers and sisters just came in yesterday. and they are ready to go.
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we are seeing some delays already at sfo because of winds! 23-minute delays because winds are picking up ahead of this storm. wind advisory effects for the north bay coastline, san mateo coastline, and san francisco until tomorrow morning. a series of systems over the next few days. tonight we're already seeing rain rolling into the north bay. it's going to continue through much of tomorrow. another round of rain for much of the day saturday, and then rain from sunday afternoon pretty much into monday morning. let's take a look. satellite and radar, the rain continues to edge into the north bay. the tailend of the system is well offshore. moving very, very slowly. the combination of those two things could lead to some heavy rainfall totals. the computer model initialized really, really well. 6:00 it was showing rain up to the north, but right now,
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we're not even seeing rain through the north bay. by 3:00 tomorrow morning, we probably won't seeing anything south of the golden gate, just through the north bay. and through 7:00 tomorrow morning, rain over san bruno, oakland, but not over san jose. in the late morning to early afternoon, the rain is going to push down to the south very, very slowly. finally oust the bay area by 11:00 -- out of the bay area by 11:00. it did start about 6:00 this evening, and it's going to last to about 6:00 tomorrow evening. but rain, moving very slowly. so we're going to see up to 2 inches of rain in the north bay. that's where the rain will largely be concentrated. and the wind advisory is in effect. for the sierra, a winter storm warning. heavy snow saturday and sunday, and the combination
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of all three days is going to leave up to 2 feet of snow at lake level, and up to 5 feet in the higher elevations. your extended forecast, rain already going on in the north bay. it's going to push south through the bay area overnight lasting through tomorrow evening. another round of rain for saturday, pretty much all day, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. a third system for sunday rolling in about 2:00 pm and lasting till monday morning. but christmas eve and your christmas holiday will stay largely dry! a judge has refused to ban samsung's smart phones. that means holiday shoppers will still have a choice. but apple is not giving up that easily. apple is now appealing the refusal to ban sales of samsung's smart phones. a jury already ordered samsung to pay apple more than 1 beside after
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the jury found that samsung -- $1 billion after the jury found samsung had infrivenlg edfringed on patents. the 49ers can clinch the division title on sunday in seattle. will they have to do it without one of their top players?
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the 49ers could be without one of their best defensive players for sunday in seattle. justin smith has missed practice all week with an injured elbow. harbaugh says smith will play "if it's humanly possible. " he hasn't missed a game in 11 years. that's 185 consecutive
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games! and harbaugh loves to keep everyone guessing. safety desean golson has been fined for this hit here on patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the nfl says it was a helmet to helmet hit. he plans to appeal. it's not his first fine. he's out more than $75,000 for advisor infractions going -- various infractions. when you're having a lousy season, the quarterback usually gets blamed. such is the case with carson palmer. some have been calling for tarell prior to get more action. the offensive coordinator says he plans to give pryor more snaps on sunday. he got 2 handoffs and this incomplete pass. >> when it's time for me to get
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a lot of reps and i get comfortable, i'll have success. i really truly believe that. >> the thing that i can say is that he continues to work. and he wants to be good. and i think as long as he's got that type of attitude and he's going to continue to work, there's a chance that he's going to develop. >> the raiders in carolina sunday then wrap up in san diego. bowl season is officially here. tonight the poinsettia bowl byu and san diego. byu scored 3 touchdown s in a 6-minute span. this pick pd put the game on ice. byu denies the aztecs their first 10-win season
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ever. kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder, the league's hottest team, and here's the shot of the day. hangs on the top of the backboard and drops in. takes a couple of bounces, doink, doink, and then plop! goes right in. but the t-wolves had it going tonight of the minnesota, the upset. they snap oklahoma's 12-game win streak, 99-93. the thunder drop to 21-5, still the best record in the nba. a 3-time olympian turned high-priced call girl. suzie favor hamilton admitted she has been working as a las vegas escort over the past year, leading a double life. wife, mother, real estate professional while at home, $600 per hour escort while away in las vegas, la, and other cities.
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she says she could earn up to $6,000 a day as an escort. she takes full responsibility for her actions. and michael phelps is named the associated president athlete of the year. lebron james had 37 votes. it's the second time phelps has been honored as the ap male athlete of the year. the only men to make it more than twice are tiger woods, lance armstrong, and michael jordan. so phelps, pretty good company. >> thanks. >> and we're going to see a lot of rain over the next few days. if you have travel plan, take your time!
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